Which Amazon Kindle should you buy on Prime Day 2022? | Digital Trends (2023)

Prime Day 2022 is right around the corner, and the shopping event is sure to offer plenty of great Prime Day deals on the latest e-readers. And because they’re made by Amazon, Kindles are going to see some especially great Prime Day Kindle deals. So if you’re looking to pick one up or upgrade from an older model, now would be the time to do it. Since last year’s Prime Day, there hasn’t exactly been a huge surge in new Kindle offerings, but knowing what to expect and what’s new when looking at the incoming sale can help make a much more informed choice.


  • Which Amazon Kindle should you buy on Prime Day 2022?
  • Make sure to specify your ad preferences

Here’s our guide on choosing the right Kindle for you on Prime Day 2022 when they’ll be cheaper than ever.

Which Amazon Kindle should you buy on Prime Day 2022?

Kindle Paperwhite (2021)

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The Kindle Paperwhite has been around since 2012, but the 2021 model that launched last October (after Prime Day 2021) is perhaps the strongest the Kindle brand has ever been. The Paperwhite series has always been solid with its decent screen sizes and excellent e-ink displays, so really any edition of the device would be a good pick. The 2021 Paperwhite, however, improves the formula in a handful of ways that don’t change the core experience but improve just about every aspect.


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The big upgrade that the Paperwhite 2021 has over previous models is that it’s adopted the Kindle Oasis’ “warm” page look. This means that you’re able to read books with either the stark black and white of Kindle’s past or go for a much warmer, yellow-paged experience. While there’s nothing quite like reading a physical book, the warm colors of the 2021 Paperwhite are a great simulation that’s also easy on the eyes for late-night reading.

The Paperwhite 2021 boasts a 6.8-inch screen that far eclipses the 6-inch screens of previous Paperwhite models. While an increase of that size might initially seem like it’s becoming a little too big to comfortably hold, the actual dimensions of the Paperwhite 2021 aren’t too much bigger than previous models. The reduction of bezel space on the newest Paperwhite means its 300ppi screen is able to be bigger than ever before without adding too much to the e-reader’s size.

And there are other benefits of the Paperwhite. It’s extremely portable weighing roughly 7.2 ounces. The screen has a built-in light, which means that, unlike older models, reading on the go doesn’t mean being restricted solely to places with good lighting. Additionally, grabbing the e-reader on Prime Day means that your Kindle can come with you on vacation for some poolside reading as it’s water-resistant. That doesn’t mean you can swim with it, but there’s enough protection for poolside splashes or getting caught in the rain.

In terms of storage, the Paperwhite has two options: 8GB and 32GB. If you’ve got a substantial library of e-books to get through, you’ll be able to hold quite a few series if you’ve got the 32GB Signature model. The Signature Paperwhite costs an additional $50 when sold undiscounted and doesn’t offer much more than the base Paperwhite. As such, it’s a little bit tougher to recommend. If you really think you need 32GB of storage, wireless charging, and auto-adjusting lights, then by all means make the upgrade. But for most people, it’s much easier to recommend the base model, especially when discounted for Prime Day.

Amazon Kindle (2019)

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While the 2021 Paperwhite is packed full of features and a must-buy for those already using e-readers, the 2019 Amazon Kindle is the way to go for folks looking to dip their toes into the Kindle brand for the first time. The Kindle is your basic e-reader that cuts down on much of the fluff that’s included in other models. Just want to read some books on a reliable e-reader? The 2019 Kindle is for you.

The Kindle features a 6-inch screen with a resolution of 167ppi. While not as sizable or crisp as the Paperwhite or Oasis, the Kindle is a fraction of the price. At this point, it’s three years old and likely will see some sort of replacement or upgrade in the next few years, but in terms of bang for your buck, you’re not going to find a better deal than the 2019 Kindle.

The 2019 Kindle has gotten rid of most of its buttons and instead relies on its touchscreen to flip pages and navigate its UI. The battery life is pretty impressive, lasting several weeks on a single full charge using a Micro USB port. Amazon only offers one storage option for the 2019 Kindle at 8GB, but that’s still plenty of space to store books as you begin to amass an e-book library.

Although the Kindle isn’t as durable due to a missing water-resistance rating, it’s still easily portable, weighing only 6.1 ounces. Its small size and light weight make it perfect to be slipped into a backpack or purse for those looking to bring their virtual library with them on the go.

Kindle Oasis

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The Kindle Oasis is the most expensive Kindle model by a long shot, normally going for $250. For the price, you’d think that it would offer the most features of any Kindle by far, but that’s not quite the case. While the Oasis does have some exclusive features — such as Bluetooth connectivity for listening to audiobooks, an aluminum back, physical page-turn buttons, and a design meant for easily holding it in one hand — the rest of its features are found in the Paperwhite 2021, which costs drastically less.

But it’s not all bad! The Oasis has plenty going for it. There’s a 7-inch 300ppi screen, improved water resistance, and internal storage options of 8GB or 32GB. But if you’re willing to sacrifice an inch from the screen, the Paperwhite has all that as well. Before the 2021 Paperwhite, one of the big selling points for the Oasis was its warm light option that gives the pages a yellowed, book-like quality. But, as mentioned above, you also get that on the 2021 Paperwhite.

If you’re looking to read with just one hand, the Kindle Oasis is for you as long as you’re willing to spend the extra money on it. While its screen is bigger and better lit than other Kindles, the high price point is hard to justify when there are so many similarities to the 2021 Paperwhite. Based on last year’s sale, it’s unlikely that the Prime Day prices for the Oasis will dip much below $180.

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition

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If you’re looking for something sturdy that will encourage kids to start reading more, the Kindle Kids Edition is the way to go. The device essentially offers the same things that the regular 2019 Kindle does; however, it doesn’t feature any lock screen ads and has a two-year warranty — letting you breathe easy even after giving your kids a $110 device.

In addition to the sleeker interface, the Kindle Kids Edition is 10.2 ounces compared to the regular’s 6.1 ounces, making it a heftier device that has far less of a chance of accidentally slipping out of a kid’s hands. The Kids Edition comes with a free year of Amazon Kids Plus, a subscription service that provides a staggering amount of child-friendly books to keep them entertained for hours.

If your kid is a reader and you’re on the fence about purchasing a pricey device for over $100, the reduced sale pricing makes it a much easier choice, especially when paired with the free two-year warranty.

Make sure to specify your ad preferences

Regardless of which Kindle you’re picking up for Prime Day 2022, you’ll need to make a choice regarding ads. Each Kindle model can be purchased with or without ads that will appear on the lock screen. Opting to remove the advertisements adds an additional $20 to each purchase.

While that sort of choice can only be made as you check out, the ads included in the base models aren’t terribly invasive as they only last a second or two when unlocking your device. If it’s the kind of thing that would bother you, make sure to get an ad-free model. But because the ads are only present on the lock screen, they hardly hinder the experience.

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