Top 3 free mp3 music download sites 2021 (2023)

Are you looking for a free MP3 Downloader or wondering whether you can get any free music download sites? You can own music for free as few legal sites will allow you to download music for free. These days' people are either listening to songs online or from other services without owning them which isn't a proper solution.

Although several websites are offering free songs not all of them are legal. You have to be aware of such illegal sites and look for a few legal ones. Interestingly, to make your search easier, we will be mentioning three free sites that are fully legal and you could easily download your favourite music or songs from there. Even though each site is considered to be the best but as we know all sites have their drawbacks and everyone has different priorities, so go through each site and choose your favourite one.

One of the most common things is that we all do own a phone or OC and listen to music. Music acts as a therapy which we have included in our daily life. While travelling, or while exercising we listen to various music. I don't think I need to explain more why you would need to have such MP3 music converters. Although, we usually get to listen to music from YouTube that has various songs and music that we all love but sometimes what we want is to have it in MP3 format.

The Three Best MP3 Music Sites Downloader

Mostly everyone loves music. It not only gives entertainment but also enhances and changes our mood from bad to good. But, some of you might be facing a lot of difficulties to find a proper site that is YouTube to MP3 converter where you can convert your favourite video song from YouTube into MP3. So, let's discuss a few sites below and go through their features to see what they can do.


We have kept this site at the top of the list as this is the best free MP3 converter where you can convert the song into MP3 from YouTube for free. Many of you who are into downloading MP3s have already come across an MP3 download site that is MP3 download. This site is a fully user-friendly online platform and the conversion procedure is simple: you have to copy and paste the URL of the song that you are wanting to convert.

This site is primarily an MP3 audio downloader but has other features too that support fewer conversion formats including WAC, FLAC, and more. If you are in a hurry and need to convert the song as soon as possible then this site is perfect for you as it takes a few seconds to complete the conversion procedure.

This is the safe, free and legal site where you do not have to download any other bulky software that could slow down your system. This site has equal performance across all operating systems which makes them unique. You'll be able to convert as much MP3 as possible without any charges from this site.


This site is the second best free MP3 music converter that we will be talking about today. Ontiva is one of the best online YouTube video converters where you can easily download and convert YouTube videos in various formats including MP3, MP4. WAV, FLAC, and more. You'll find this converter to be fast, and simple to use.

The whole conversion procedure from this site takes place within a matter of seconds and completes in a few clicks. The conversion procedure is quite simple, you have to copy-paste the retrieved link of the YouTube video from the address bar or you can also search through this platform. After, selecting the output format you have to begin the conversion and lastly download the resulting file. So simple steps, isn't it?

Most importantly, this amazing site won't cost you a penny for any of the conversions you'll do from their platform. But, you might need an email registration at the beginning otherwise the basic conversions are free. But, there are many more features in the premium range for which you need to upgrade into a paid subscription.

You can get access to this amazing YouTube to MP3 downloader and converter through any browser without any time limit. This platform is well-designed and users having any kind of device can easily use it. This platform is safe as it does not bundle any malware or Trojans into your conversion files. Also, your personal information is safe with them.


Many of you might love to gather information regarding various sports that you found in YouTube videos but need an MP3 or any good music which is possible with this online YouTube playlist converter. This site is a modern and cutting-edge converter that enables you to convert various YouTube videos into MP3 or any other support format.

Just like the other site, this site is also easy to use and the procedure for using it is somehow similar, that is you need to copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video that you are wishing to convert. Also, you do not have to download any software as all the conversions are taking place online on this site's user interface. Moreover, this site is free to use and you do not have to pay any single money for any kind of conversion.

We can say that this platform is considered one of the best YouTube playlist downloaders around the world.

So, the above-mentioned sites are all legal and free from where you can easily rip the audio from YouTube videos that convert it into MP3. A YouTube Converter enables you to get any audio format as per your wish as some of them also have outstanding filters that make the best audio from the video. But, there are few things you should know while you look from a good MP3 converter site.

Is it worthy to convert YouTube videos into MP3 in at 320Kbps format?

We all want to listen to high-quality music and it is not known that we try our best to download each song at good quality. Several websites allow you to convert the video song into MP3 at different bitrates including 60Kbps, 120Kbps, and 320Kbps. The first thought that comes to our mind while thinking of converting a YouTube video into MP3 is that it should be in 320Kbps which we think is the highest quality.

You might not know that the audio which YouTube plays is around 165Kbps. The reason is that it uses two audio formats such as AAC and Opus. The maximum audio bitrate delivered by AACis 126 Kbps whereas for Opus it is between 56Kbps to 16Kbps. So, those who are wanting to have the source must download the song in AAC format otherwise you'll get the worst audio quality of the song. Moreover, choosing the audio at the highest quality which is at 320Kbps might damage the real sound or the quality of the audio. You should use a good YouTube downloader that rips the audio from YouTube in AAC format. The one that you are thinking of with higher quality might unnecessarily increase the size of the file but not the audio quality.

How you can convert YouTube to MP3

You have to properly follow the simple steps that we will be providing below that will help you to convert a YouTube video into MP3.

● The first thing you have to do is to go to the search box on YouTube and type the title of the video that you are planning to convert. Or, you can also try a search for the video with enough background information about that video.

● Next, you need to find the URL of that particular video which you'll get on the search bar on your browser. Or, you can get the URL by clicking on the "share" option below the video.

● The next step is vital where you'll get the option to select the quality of conversion with several options included such as WAV, AAC or 320Kbps for high quality. Do not forget what we have mentioned in the above section.

● Later, you need to click on the convert button that will convert your YouTube video into MP3 format.

● The final step is to download the audio after the conversion is successfully done by clicking the download button.

The process remains quite similar in both computer and mobile phones. Make sure you follow each step properly and the sites are having similar procedures that make it easier for the user to download their most loved song.

Wrapping Up

I hope you'll find this article helpful and have got enough information regarding free music download sites. Downloading music from legal websites is crucial; you must ensure that you're downloading the song from a safe website. The websites mentioned above are MO3 music download sites that you'll find in 2021 from which you can choose any site that fulfils your requirements.

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