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So, what is a 60% keyboard? Have you heard of it or used it before? In today’s post, we will be reading about how to use arrow keys on the 60% keyboard. Today, you can find a wide range of keyboard models in the market.

They come in different shapes & sizes and their functionalities may also differ from each other. This makes it difficult to find out the number of keys present on the 60% keyboard model. Besides, you have several kinds of keyboard models in the market like 65% keyboard, 75% keyboard, TKL, and so on.

That is why we will be taking a close look at the 60% keyboard in this article so that we can understand the model better. Moreover, it can help you take a good decision on the kind of keyboard model you may want to go with for yourself.

The 60% keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that comes with a compact size than compared to other keyboard models. The unit is quite compact such that you can place it inside your bag. You can move around with it effortlessly.

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What is a 60% keyboard?

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The 60% keyboard does not come with arrow keys on them. That is why you will have to make use of the fn keys that are present on the keyboard model. Now, you can use the other keys including the shift key, fn key, ctrl, and Windows keys.

On the 60% keyboard model, you can find the escape key on the fn row on the typical keyboard model. Here it is moved to the number row, replacing the `~ key. However, when you want to use code formatting on Slack, or Discord, it can become a problem.

The keyboard model does not come with the most important key on it, the number pad. You would be surprised to know that most typists, writers, and users prefer the numpad when they are using the keyboard.

How many keys are on a 60% keyboard?

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The normal 60% layout keyboard has 61 keys. It is based on the ANSI-derived (American National Standards Institute). There are 5 rows on the 60% keyboard. On the top row, you can find 14 keys, and it is the same as the second row.

On the third row, there are 13 keys, and on the fourth row, there are 12 keys. At the bottom row, there are 8 keys. The typical keyboard model has a total of 104 keys, and sometimes, we have noticed that some 60% keyboard models come with there-own variations.

Supposing, you are keen on using the 60% keyboard model with the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) layout, then you can have a difficult time finding one for yourself. You do not have many JIS layout mechanical keyboard models.

Some of the keyboard models come with several additional features in them for marketing purposes. You can even find the media controls keys on them for ease of use. However, the 60% keyboard model comes with a compact size on them.

They may measure around 11.5”x4.25” making them smaller than most of the tenkeyless keyboards (TKLs). If you are someone into typing, writing, and browsing, then you will find this kind of size easy to use.

Which keys are missing from a 60% keyboard?

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You may know by now that the 60% keyboard model comes with several keys missing out. The obvious ones are the arrow keys. Though the keys are missing, you will be delighted to know that you can use the keys through shortcuts.

You can make use of them through the alt, ctrl, fn, and shift keys. Making use of some of the combinations, these keys can work spectacularly and can be used to provide you with maximized functionality.

Using a 60% Keyboard

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Here is how you can use the 60% keyboard.

Method 1 – Using the fn key

  • You have to hold down the fn key that is present at the bottom right side.
  • You have to also use the P key as the upper arrow. The ; key can be used as the lower arrow.
  • The L key can be used as the left arrow and the ‘ key as the right arrow.
  • You have to press the fn key together with the 9 key for F9.
  • Press the fn key and any number that you desire to use.

Method 2 – Using a software

When you are not confident about using the fn key, then you can always make use of the software.

  • You have to open a web browser, and then open Google.
  • You have to type in the 60% keyboard model and its company.
  • After the keyboard model, you have to also type the software download.
  • Now, press enter.
  • You can find a link, which you should click, and ensure that it does not contain a virus.
  • Then click on the download button and connect to your 60% keyboard to set it.

What to do if your keyboard is not working?

  • You have to unplug the 2.4 GHz USB dongle from the PC device port.
  • Remove the dirt particles from it.
  • Now, replug the USB dongle, and switch on your keyboard model.
  • If it is still not working, then you have to replace the USB cable.

If the keyboard model is still not working, then please take your keyboard for repair. The keyboard is gaining popularity globally, and its form factor has got a place when you want some space to keep it on.

In this case, the TKL or a full-size keyboard is still the best choice. There are also some tutorials on how you can design your own 60% keyboard for yourself so that you can add some kind of a personal touch to it.

60% keyboard advantages

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We will briefly discuss some of the advantages of using a 60% keyboard.


The first thing that you can notice is the size of the 60% keyboard. They do not occupy a lot of space. The model does not have the Numpad and the navigation cluster. It provides you with around 6” of more space.

You can also find that there is a horizontal space in there to place your mouse. You can keep the keyboard in the same spot allowing your hands to come together for flawless typing. Now, you can have an ergonomic position for typing and doing your work.


It provides you with an amazing ability for customization. You can notice that the keyboard model has standard layouts and is compatible with most of the custom keysets that have been produced in the market.

You can find plenty of cases for the 60% keyboard models in the market. That is because these models come with standard screw placements. Now, you have the option of turning your keyboard into a unit of your choice.

You can find a lot of options, and they are cheaper than the typical-sized keyboard models. Some of the budget units are the old Poker 2 & and the Anne Pro 2.


The 60% keyboard provides you with a minimalist physical appearance. That means you can program the keyboard accordingly. It is a form of an fn key, and when you hold it, the functions of the keys can change.

It can be done by even recording simple macros too. You can program the keyboard without having to install any software. You can note that the programmable feature on the keyboard is a solution and offers you with the advantage to modify the layout to your capability.

60% keyboard disadvantages

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Let us read about the other side of the coin. Though the size of the model is good, and effortless for you to use, you have to accept the loss of the important keys. The thing is it takes time of getting used to this keyboard unit.

Though you can use them, it might not be as convenient when working on a full-size keyboard. You need to hold several keys to be able to perform the functions of the arrow keys. Several users have complained that they found the going tough initially.

Should you get one?

There you go. We hope that you understood how to use the arrow keys on the 60 keyboard. It was quite simple, wasn’t it? We find it common to note that some of you are instantly put off because the 60% keyboard does not have dedicated arrow keys.

When that is the case, then you can make use of a tenkeyless keyboard that comes with the F-row and the navigation cluster. It only sacrifices the number pad. However, when you are insistent on something better, then you can use the 65% keyboard.

In this post, we have provided you with a lot of information on the 60% keyboard, its advantages, disadvantages, and more importantly, how to use arrow keys. Do let us know if we have missed out something.

Please do let us know if you have any queries in the below comment section, we will be delighted to hear from you.


Are 60% keyboards worth it?

The 60% keyboard is totally worth it because you can access all the keys that you want that even a full-size keyboard has through the function key. They can help save up space, and when your work involves plenty of typing, then it becomes smoother as they are quite close to each other.

So, this helps in ensuring that your typing experience is quite smooth and has no fatigue.

How do you use arrows on a 60% keyboard?

The arrows on your 60% keyboard can be accessed by making use of the shift, fn, ctrl, and Windows keys. As you may know by now, this model does away with the arrow keys in them as a space-saving feature.

How do you use arrow keys on the 60 keyboard without FN?

You can make use of the arrow keys on the 60 keyboard without the fn key. You can do that by toggling the fn lock key. As you see in laptops, the keyboard has a dedicated fn lock key. You can press it along with the fn key to change your top row from hotkey functionality to fn keys.

This allows you to do the actions without holding the fn key.

How do you use arrow keys on the 60 keyboard RK61?

The 60 keyboard RK61 is an exciting keyboard to use. You can work on the arrow keys on this keyboard by combining the alt, /, menu, and right control keys. When you want to access the keys, you can do it through the fn layer and toggle the regular keys by pressing the fn & enter keys.

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